Saturday, January 14, 2012

Embracing true nature

The last few weeks I have been getting a serious life lesson by life's karmic will, or energy, or just plain coincidence. Whatever the case, in several areas of my life I have been noticing the need or benefit of embracing the true nature of things.

In the case of my beads, I decided to sit down to make some more of those turquiose vessels. Once I started looking at the glass however I noticed the EDP (otherwise known as Evil Denitrifying Purple-I will explain in a minute) sort of jumping around it's jar yelling "Me! Me!". Ok, not actually jumping...I gave that stuff up long ago....but maybe more like mentally sending out signals sort of like the old Aquaman comics. I picked up a rod out of the jar and noticed right next to it the Thai Orchid doing the same thing. So out it came as well. Now the reason EDP is called Evil Denitrifying Purple and not Elegant Darling Purple is it's habit of denitrifying. This means that right after you have just created the most marvalous, beautiful bead ever known to mankind and right before you start to cool said bead it starts to get little sparks on the surface which creates a whitish, pitted, matte finish. Hence it being evil.

Here is an example:

EDP behaving itself....

EDP being evil and denitrifying...


Please note this is the SAME bead, different sides.   So given that it is just going to denitrify, I decided to just go with it and let it do its thing.  I figured the EDP can get streaky and the Thai Orchid is a nice silvering purple, so hey, what the heck.

This was the result. Other than the bead I already showed, hardly anything actually denitrified. Nice, smooth, shiny beads. I stopped being so worried about the potential for a mistake and just did it. Weird.

Then I think Ann at Soul Shine or Kathy (I can't remember which) suggested I try it with Turquoise.  So this was the result: 

Quite pretty with stringer over EDP...

But look at what happened with EDP stringer over Turquoise! Denitrifying is quite lovely here I think, and the turquoise started to silver on the ends of the one on the left, which is another true nature issue involving gas mixtures.....

This has denitrified on half of the bead, and the denitrifying made the glass spread out over the base in a very nice way..

 So this  set I will probably take down to Soulshine Studios on Market Street cause I have no clue what to do with it....

Since this is so long I will just give one more example of accepting true natures.

This is Chewie:

The whole right (his left) side of his muzzle is swollen with a puncture wound on it. Guess who the culprit was...

Yes, little Mr Innocent, sleeping in his crate. They were sleeping together in one crate by choice with the door open last night. Unfortunately Moo gets night terrors sometimes. He wakes up snarling, growling and barking for no reason whatsoever, and you have to yell at him to get him to really wake up.  He then stands there blinking like "What? Why are you looking at me?"  This time though he had a snuggle buddy who ended up on the recieving end of his nightmare.

Guess it is never a good idea to sleep next to someone who goes into berzerker his sleep.

There is a life lesson here. Choose your friends wisely. Choose your sleeping partners even more wisely. Sometimes you shouldn't mix the two. You know you could learn a lot from my dogs.


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  2. Need to add that Moo only does this overnight, not during the day. Normally we make sure he is not with anyone else at night, but Dave was staying up late so they were still out.

  3. Love those purple beads--of course I am a sucker for purple, but that bit of turquoise adds a real zing. Didn't know glass had so many idiosyncrasies.

  4. Gorgeous beads! As per usual.

    Poor Moo :( I've never heard of a pup with night terrors, though it doesn't surprise me with rescue dogs. Sometimes Lucille jumps at the strangest, seemingly harmless objects. Like a stack of books. I'm sure Chewie knows Moo didn't mean it.

    And I try to live by the whole "go with the flow" mentality too. Sometimes your gut knows best.