Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jam Packed

I now have a date know, one of those little calendar books to keep track of what you have going on. It is funny after so long of not needing one to have nearly every day filled with something. Not sure how I feel about it. In some ways it is a great way to stay motivated and get up with purpose every morning. I have trouble doing that sometimes...well, ok...lots of times. But now I have too many things to procrastinate on everything, so at least some things are getting done!

The cats are one thing now on my list. Kitty Amazing invited Sleepy Joe, who I introduced last time. Well now Kitty Too has shown up, which brings me to a grand total of 5 cats! What part of "I don't want any more pets" do these rotten felines not understand??

Unfortunately Kitty Too decided to check out the dog yard and she and Moo got into a disagreement. I found Moo shredded up like he had been a demo on a Ginsu knife commercial, so went looking around for the culprit/victim. Found Joe ok, then found Kitty Amazing ok, and four hours later found Kitty Too in the garage, very sore looking and muddy but in one piece. A trip to the vet and $85 bucks later we have on the schedule "Antibiotics, 1 ml 2x daily until gone".

Max, (who I secretly call Maxi Pad hehehe,) the 14ish Siamese/Poofy mix was diagnosed with hyper thyroid and is now on meds as well:

 Of course I have no thyroid and would have been more than willing to take some of the extra, but no, I am told it doesn't work that way. The absolutely crazy thing is that he begs for his pills every day. If he hasn't followed me into the bathroom I just shake the pill bottle and he comes running. I am sure it is because of my fabulous bedside manner and not the soft cat food he only gets after the pill. So onto the schedule "Max, thyroid, 1/4 pill 2x daily until he dies, which will probably be in another 112.3 years."

Two times a week I work at East Valley Alpacas, which is fiber processing mill. I spend the day playing with fiber, felt and yarn and can bring the boys with me. I have about a hundred pictures of Chewie and Moo in the mill, but they are all on my phone-some day I will learn how to download them. I LOVE working at the mill with Wendy Daily. She has taught me way more about how to deal with workplace stuff in a healthy way than anything else, which is saying something because there is a LOT to know about processing fiber. She was a psychiatric nurse most of her career and bought the mill as a retirement project. She is far happier covered in dust and fuzz than dolled up in the hospital, I can say that. Her husband Bill is a riot..and former railroad man who feels if first you don't succeed, hit it harder with a bigger hammer. I think he has the biggest heart of anyone I know, but do NOT tell him I said that. There is a mill 6 miles from me but I drive 40 because I enjoy the two of them so much. The other thing which is a big plus is the flexibility. I work 2 days, and I try to keep them the same, but so much goes on that it seems 2 out of 3 weeks I am switching things up. I am SO grateful they don't mind. So two days a week goes to "Play @ Mill"

Next Tuesday, the 28th to be exact, is an appointment with Nancy Brennan, who is a buyer for the Corning Museum of Glass Marketplace. She is going to look at my work to see if the museum would like to carry it in the gift shop. No biggie. Not a problem. Give me a moment...(goes in closet)...AAAAHHHH!!!   (Comes back out of closet...)   Ok, so maybe it is a racking. I have been hard at work getting beads made and trying to decide how to present my work. I think I will show her several examples of finished earrings and bracelets and then a bunch of loose beads, so she can specify what she wants. I don't want to make all sterling earrings only to find out she wants cheaper stuff, or vice verse. So on the schedule goes "Holy Crap meeting at CMoG with Nancy, 10:00 9:30 (to make sure I am on time)....don't forget the glass!"

So here are some of the beads which are waiting to go in the kiln to be annealed. Hope you, and Nancy, like them!

Well, until next time....keep your nose out of trouble!

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  1. You are hilarious. I love when your posts come up in my blog feed.

    First off: AHHHHHH!!! Congrats on a meeting with Corning Glass! How exciting!!!

    Second: Your misfit cat troop is awesome. What kind of cat, scratch that, what kind of ANYTHING actually enjoys taking pills?! So funny! Poor Moo. Hopefully that handsome face isn't all Ginsu'd up for too long.

    Third: Your glass work is so beautiful, there's no way they could say no to carrying your stuff! Keep us posted on the outcome!