Sunday, March 27, 2011


So what do you get when you mix Queen, a pretty bracelet and glass?

This is one of those Convoluted Kuhn Story, so bear with me.

I stopped into Soulshine Studio, owned by Ann Recotta, in Corning last week to ask about selling my beads and jewelry there. I found this one of a kind bracelet she made, and my first thought was..."I would never have put yellow and purple together!"

Apparently it was an accident involving a cat and a dropped bead box....a happy accident thus the cat was spared. I loved it, so splurged.

 Anyhow, I have had the song Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen stuck in my head for days, so finally yesterday I begged Dave (the infinately patient husband) to install itunes on my computer. I can't install it on my own computer because I don't have administrative privleges because I might download a with an engineer is a double edged sword.

So that done I download all the Queen we have on the server and pop the ipod in the speaker hoozy-dingus.

If you don't have a speaker hoozy-dingus for your ipod....go get one. Now.

Oh, and there is that double edged sword I was talking about. You didn't believe me, did you?

 So I sit down at the table, look around, and start pulling colors. I am jamming to Queen, dancing in my chair while melting glass, and the the beads just decided to go a little crazy on me. An hour later.....

I think it was during "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" that I made the pair with the arms.

They are telling me to make them into earrings.

Always listen to the beads. They know what they are talking about.

So here is another Convoluted Kuhn Story, since this post is about sets, plural.

 Months ago, I went to World Glass in Corning and on a whim bought a rod of Moretti Metallic Black (MMB). It was supposed to have a rainbow sheen-how can that ever be a bad thing? I was on my way down to see Kathy Riley, so while there we broke out the new colors and started playing in her studio. I HATED the MMB! It was awful! It wouldn't melt smoothly, it pitted, it bubbled, and it was a nasty matt black finish that just looked like a piece of old licorice chewing gum that had been stuck under a table since 1975.

So when I got home I stuck it in a jar and tried to forget it existed.

I had not labled it, so when making twisties one day I used it thinking it was regular black. I was so upset that I made that mistake I threw the twistie in a jar and tried to forget it existed too.

A few weeks later my friend Kathy Bliss,  who would jump off Niagra Falls if you told her she couldn't, decided she wanted to try MMB, so I gladly went out to lunch with her in order to hand over the blasted thing. I told her it was awful, but ...well...remember the Falls? I was happy to put the thing out of my mind.

So a few days ago I was making a series of tube beads in natural colors, and picked up that nasty old twistie.

What the heck, on it went.

So the bead the furthest to the right has that twistie.

And I liked it. I really liked it.


 So, back to World Glass in shame, where I had to face the owner and tell him I needed another rod, and no, I don't have a rod worth of beads to show him.

So to the point of this Convoluted Kuhn Story, I decided last night to try dots. I was listening to Bare Naked Ladies, so I will blame them.

 I LOVE Moretti Metallic Black! Oh the dots! Oh the hematite sheen!

 Did I ever tell you the reason I will never get a tattoo is because I am so fickle?


  1. You are too funny lol. LOVE the way the beads turned out! ...and Queen is awesome.

  2. I would not jump over the Falls...the water is much too cold this time of year! I told you Metallic black rules!

  3. Lol! You know I envy your sense of adventure. No prob on the link. I also added it to my blog list even though it is not a blog, so it will be right on the main page. The whole 3 people who read this will see it :-)