Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Too much to do!

I have a superhero name.

Really. I do.

Dave and I used to game with a group of friends. Gaming, for those who are not complete geeks, is where you each make up an imaginary character, and pretend to be that imaginary character going on an imaginary adventure with your friend's imaginary characters. You have names like Gonad the Barbarian and wear robes and carry battle axes, mead and loaves of bread.  You understand what +1 to charisma is, and actually care if you have it.

Anyways, we all gave each other superhero names. Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking we gave each other cool names, like The Destroyer, Captain Gorgeous, and The Brain Machine.

Not on your life.

My husband was The Procrastinator. He had a catch phrase...." I will save the world!!.....tomorrow."
He had that name until the kids got old enough to start doing the things on which he was procrastinating. So he now is refered to as "The Delegator". I see it as self-improvement.

Our friend Roland is The Enunciator. He makes sure we are all speaking proper English whilst roaming the vast plains of Far, Far Away.  His wife, my dear friend Rosanne, is The Facilitator. She, btw, plans all our gatherings. Our friend Ben is The Great Antagonizer. He truly is great at it, too. He is that little brother who pokes, and pokes, and pokes...gahhh! He used to have a wife named "Lady Placid", who was like Dr Jeckle. Her other side we call 'Evil'. Now she is just Evil all the time, and no longer the wife.

Another friend Carl is Carlbustion, because after flying in from New Mexico for a vacation he was so cold  he build a huge fire and basked by it for 5 days. My oldest son is Sparky, Carlbustion's faithful sidekick, because he too likes to play with fire.

So I used to be known as ...The Belcher. Yeah, that's right. I can out-belch a pirate just in from sea after 3 months of eating nothing but rum and salt pork. I can out belch a teenager who just drank a 2 liter of coke and ate 3 boxes of pop rocks. I proudly wore the name for several years, often getting together with the above group of geeky friends, drinking Milwalkees Best, and loudly shouting my catch phrase....Bleccccchhhh!

Until my husband told me it was gross.

I was devistated.

I mean really. He is supposed to love me unconditionally, and he just cuts me to the bone.


 I needed a new name. One day I was listing all the things I had to do that weekend, enough things for a week and a half, and Rosanne gave me a new name.

I became the Over-Committer. Not like it fits or anything.

So here is a pictoral of the things I need to do:

This is my motorcycle, and yes it is in the studio. :-D
1. Practice riding

This is the dogpile of Jack, Chewie and Mo. I would like to get Mo his TDI so I can do therapy work with him. I would like to get Chewie to stop being so......Chewie. And I would like to spend more time with Jack because he won't be around much longer.
2. Train the dogs

This is a pan of homemade dog food for Jack, who is not eating well. I freeze them into single serving portions in a muffin tin.
3. Make another batch of meat muffins

My downstairs bathroom, which needs, obviously, to be finished.
4. Finish the bathroom

This is a felt I made, and my friend Wendy and I are going to a juried fiber art show at the end of the month. I need to make a lot more to sell at the show.
5. Make felt tops, coasters, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Kathy Riley and I may be going to a show at the Corning Glassfest.  I also may be competing in the flameoff, which is nervewracking to even contemplate.And I have about 4 different shops which are willing to carry my jewelry.
6. Get on the torch

Plus I have the normal, everyday stuff of being a wife and mother, housekeeper, caring for the managerie, working, putting in the garden .....

Nahh, I don't think I am The Over-Committor. Not at all.


  1. That is so awesome on so many levels! All of it. I wish I had a cool super hero name!

  2. Great minds must think alike--or maybe they just all over commit. I was thinking about writing a blog post on a similar topic but have been too over committed this week to even write anything. Belching and a motorcycle! At least you aren't predictable.

  3. I've got some things to add to the list... I think I'll have some time tomorrow to write it up.

  4. I don't think you are allowed to add things to other people's lists.

    Do you really want to open that Pandora's Box? :-)

  5. Guess my sense of humor is just too subtle for ya... 8-p