Friday, April 1, 2011

Trip to the Corning Glass Museum

Day two..

From my couch I wake up (again) at 6am, by Mo  grumbling and shuffling in his crate (again), which makes Billy the cattle dog wake up (again) and start whining and pacing. Again. I must have looked horrible, because Kathy told me to go jump in her bed with Tootsie while she was in the shower.

Tootsie is my favorite.

You can see her back foot is missing a couple of toes, which happened many years ago. It doesn't slow her down much.

When she was a puppy she was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my whole life. She was just that cute.

Anyways, I apparently was tired because I curled up with the Tootsle and was out for 2 hours.  I felt much more human when I woke up again.

After another fantastic frittata, I made some beads with her new silvered glass.

I liked the little ones but consider the big one a colossal mistake. It is nice and round, and that is about all I have to say that is nice. I was much more pleased with the Zachary Blue pair than I expected....Kathy told me to use it so I did, but I didn't want to!

Mo got to play with his new crush Bad Boy Billy:

Mo pretty much ignored the three gorgeous Bull Terrier girls and just went gaga over Billy. I have about 10 pictures of Billy standing still and Mo in various blurry play bows, army crawls and hoppity hops. Billy was not amused. After a while he went and hid in his crate.  
Once Mo was tired out,  off we went to Corning. All we did was look around the gift shop, but this is like a museum all by itself, one where you can pick up things and look real close and take pictures.

So first I had to look at the Paul Stankard paper weights. I adore Paul Stankard.

Look at those petals!

Those blackberries look good enough to eat!

The bee looks so real you feel sorry he is encased in glass.

Yes, that says $6,000. Worth every....single...penny.


The man is a genius.

So after several hours (I wish), I tear away to look at some other things and I find another paperweight artist to fall in love with:

They are jellyfish!

They look like they are floating in the glass.

They remind me of a Jack Johnson song, Bubbly Toes:

"Move like a jellyfish, rhythm is nothing, you go with the flow you don't stop." 

Anyways, we next checked out the jewelry displays. Oh, the beautiful beads!  Check out this piece:

It was huge! I have no idea who could carry this off, but it was gorgeous. The colors remind me of the Ukraine.

We had to check out our former instructors jewelry.

This is by Heather Trimlett. She likes bright colors and huge beads, and is extremely precise.

Caitlin Hyde is the other instructor from the class we took last summer:

She is known for her more natural colors and totem beads, but it looks like Heather has influenced her color palette. Caitlin is also very precise, and I have 2 of her big beads now.

Finally I had to treat myself after looking at all these fantastic works of art.

Before you go getting all jealous on me, know this is only about an inch tall. It was all I could afford at the moment. But someday.....

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  1. SO COOL! I haven't been to corning glass in forever!! I know Wil would love to go with me. I think I'll have to plan a trip soon...